Professionalism & Business Growth: It’s a Matter of Attitude

by John Allin 24. September 2013 09:17

Attitude towards professionalism in the snow business, and attitude towards having total control of the growth of our business are intertwined.  One introspective question often asked at this time of year (after the season is over) is “how can we make a profit at this type work”?  Other observations made by some often include: “Snow work is blood money”, “it’s a pain in the butt to do this work”, or “it’s hard work for the money we generate”, and “my guys want to just stay home in winter anyway, so why bother”. 

Often it’s just a matter of attitude. 


Do You Have a Municipal Snow Plan in Place?

by Pete Robison 17. September 2013 08:56

Every municipality addresses snow and ice management in its own, unique way. No matter where you live, though, the one constant is this: it takes a lot of work to stay on top of nasty winter weather.


To help ensure the safety of motorists in your community during the snowy and icy winter months, Meyer Products strongly recommends that municipalities have Snow Plans in place.


If you need help developing a Snow Plan, want help updating an existing one, or aren’t sure how you should be communicating your plan to residents, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the list of Snow Plan tips below.



Pre-Season Checklist for Your Vehicle

by Marge Lang 10. September 2013 09:12

When you have a snow plow system that doesn’t work properly, you can’t push snow. If you can’t push snow, you can’t make money. Unfortunately, even a plow that’s in perfect working order can’t serve you well if the vehicle it’s attached to isn’t properly maintained.

So, to help you get your vehicle ready for winter, make sure you’ve checked everything off the Vehicle Prep Checklist below.